MGS is committed to deliver quality and value based IT solutions while its vision is to be premier by providing unwavering commitment to customer service. MGS manages all activities around professional services engagements starting with conducting business analysis, developing best practices and ending with automating the business.





MGS can provide an independent assessment of your IT requirements to identify opportunities, cost-savings and help streamline your business processes.

MGS is constituted of first-rate IT consultants, to provide the best suitable solutions to all business industries, covering small, medium and large-sized organizations. MGS IT Consultancy conduct feasibility studies, business process reengineering analysis and guide customers to design, evaluate and implement integrated technology systems.


Our main target is to create such a channel for businesses and organizations, where they can work more effectively and competently with the use of professional IT consultancy. MGS is in business for many years now and understands that clients want profitable and unique Information Technology solutions, and because we entirely know the inside-out of the business we can faithfully promise to serve you the best. MGS consultancy services can help your organization utilize the benefits of IT adapted solutions to become more efficient, effective and therefore more profitable. MGS provide a range of services to help your organization with a detailed assessment of your business requirements. We can streamline your business workflows, assist in project management, advise you on the best content management solution, advice on the full benefits of integrated solutions and help you develop an IT Strategic Roadmap.




  • High Level Strategic Consultancy specializing in Enterprise Content Management and Electronic Signature. The program aims at defining your document classification, retention schedules and applied policies in addition to define content collaboration requirements.
  • Business Analysis employing structured business process modeling techniques to deliver effective change management, cost analysis and risk mitigation. The program aims at analyzing possible ways to automate business processes that involve review, approval and authorization in addition to integration to core organization applications.
  • Business and Technical Requirements Capturing using structured methodologies to evaluate impact on current initiatives and projects, and to identify technology options.
  • Technology Architecture Analysis - conducting current IT/Information Technology architecture reviews in order to assess possible technical solutions.
  • Project and Program Management including set-up, preparing feasibility studies and building business cases and RFPs.



With a broad range of capabilities, from infrastructure installations, project/program management, and systems integration to outsourcing.


that provides the proven methods, procedures, and guidelines to successfully roll out your IT solutions.

MGS offers a detailed suite of services within its "Solution Value Chain" to help your organization achieve the implementation goals. From training and consulting, to solution implementation services and customer support programs, our Services can help you successfully implement and deploy a complete enterprise-wide solution while focusing on Enterprise Content Management. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the performance you expect from your software investment, and we apply our skills and dedication fully to that end.

Are you looking to make your business more efficient? MGS can provide an independent assessment of your IT requirements to identify opportunities, cost-savings and help streamline your business processes. Are you looking to make your business more efficient? MGS can provide an independent assessment of your IT requirements to identify opportunities, cost-savings and help streamline your business processes.





Enterprise Content Management is a technology that provides a means to create, store, manage, secure, distribute and publish any digital content for enterprise use. ECM is not about numbers; it is about words. Much of the Information Technology industry in the past 50 years has focused on back-office databases and their management in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ECM is unique in that it was developed to manage the creation and consumption of growing amounts of non-numeric content such as documents, Web pages, spreadsheets, diagrams and images, largely affected by the rise in popularity of the Internet.

MGS, expertise in ECM solution deployment, implemented ECM for many customers in Arabic countries. The ECM implementation covered Document and Records Management, Process Management, Email Management, Collaboration and Knowledge Management.




Your company may be looking to integrate information around inventory, order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management “CRM” and beyond. MGS has a deeper understanding of how ERP solutions can transform your business by breaking down barriers between business units and external world. ERP enables your organization do their jobs more efficiently. Other advantages are:

  • Real-time view of data that can enable your organization to address concerns proactively and drive improvements.
  • Improvement of financial compliance with regulatory standards and reducing risks.
  • Automation of core business operations.
  • Enhancing customer service by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking. MGS, expertise in ERP solution deployment, implemented ERP for many customers in Arabic countries. The ERP implementation covered Accounting and Finance, Sales and Customer Management Purchasing and Operations, Inventory and distribution and Business Intelligence. MGS delivers integration between ECM and ERP. The integration tools are unique in the market and empowers the data exchange between the structured and unstructured information.




The challenges of today's business world are now forcing many organizations to focus on improving business processes to shorten cycle times and bring products and services to market more quickly, while reducing operational costs, increasing quality and meeting regulatory compliance. To stay competitive, many organizations are re-evaluating their approach to business processes and looking for ways to improve these procedures. The need for practical modeling and analysis software to enrich the Business, increased regional competition between businesses of same line and resulted in the need to enhance their internal processes based on best practice.

MGS provides advanced tools and methodologies to help organization optimize their processes. These tools are considered the worldwide market leader for business process analysis and optimization. Further, MGS is committed to re-engineer and automate manuals processes by adapting integrated tools such as Electronic Signature and Business Intelligence to meet compliance measures, reduce risk and increase accountability by tracking and reporting on process throughout the entire lifecycle.




The term "Web Content Management" is used in a variety of ways within the information management industry. It mainly aims at making content available to a wider audience using controlled, predictable methods and the ability to publish content in a division or company or even on the Internet or a public-facing Web site.

Portal solutions can be used as a web application usually created as organization intranet, where content is aggregated and most organization applications can be accessed through a single interface.

MGS, expertise in portal implementation, can design your corporate portal and integrate your applications through a single interface with a single logon. The portal implementation can aid your company to deploy any combination of an internet, intranet, or extranet with a consistent user experience, allowing teams to work together and collaborate when separated across the country or even the globe in addition to tightly integrate your organization IT products to boost the productivity of employees by reducing the time and effort needed to create and maintain sites.



Many organizations rely on stand-alone fax machines, standard postal service or express services to deliver vital business documents. Examples include loan applications, sales proposals, purchase orders, contracts, invoices, statements, reports and general correspondence. There are a number of challenges related to this starting from high document distribution costs, compliance issues and lack of integration with other applications such as Email, desktop, CRM and ERP. MGS can benefit your organization by deploying a FAX Server solution and integrate it with your existing IT applications. You will benefit of the following:

  • Significantly reduce document delivery costs by eliminating the need for paper-based delivery, stand-alone fax machines and associated maintenance, supply, equipment and labor costs.
  • Reduce the time it takes your employees to exchange documents with customers or suppliers—resulting in faster sales cycles, quicker customer service and improved efficiency.
  • Provide Better Document Security - A trusted and reliable document delivery solution helps you comply with government regulations and safeguard information security and privacy.



In addition to implementation services covering turn-key solutions, MGS professionals are specializes in IT services such as:

  • Custom solution development: This includes the analysis, design and development of custom solutions and integration tools.
  • Data Migration: Database migration tools have been specifically designed to help our customers migrate and synchronize their content and databases. MGS automates most of the migration process, letting save time and effort. MGS utilizes its underlying migration methodology which is based on real-life database migration experience.
  • Education Services: MGS education services offer education plans for the administration, implementation and usage of the proposed solutions. Training is available at MGS Training facilities and includes:
    • e-Learning Program: e-Learning systems are available as Web-based learning program for our products, making it convenient for your employees to get the training they need to work more effectively on offered solutions. Whether you need to train a few employees, or a few thousand, our Web-based e-Learning program offers participants the flexibility to learn at their leisure and at their own pace.
    • Official Vendor Curriculum: It consists of delivering the official and standard course agenda as defined by the solution vendor. The vendor curriculum is considered the best source of knowledge to use, manage and administer the proposed solutions.
    • Custom Curriculum: MGS can customize any of our educational programs to meet your specific business needs. Customized training and curriculum allows your employees to transfer what they learn with focused training sessions and apply that knowledge to your existing systems immediately, rather than spending time translating what they have learned from standard course offerings. Our dedicated curriculum writers create learning programs that leverage our existing knowledge and materials to support your custom implementation.




MGS Support and Maintenance program includes an entire range of benefits and access to our industry-leading technical support. To meet the requirements of various IT environments, MGS offers different maintenance plans; the Standard and Tailored maintenance plans are designed to handle the needs of most IT environments, while the 24x7 plan is designed for larger, more complex environments.

The Software Maintenance Program from MGS provides your organization with access to the latest upgrades and service packs for the products for which you have an active maintenance contract, as well as with access to our support organization either by phone with a Support Center or over the Web.

MGS Customer Support offers experienced technical support for the operation of your purchased software products. This guarantees system availability and dependability, optimizes the return on your investment in our offered technology, and ensures that your organization achieves its project goals.


  • Software Updates / Upgrades – Product upgrades, maintenance releases, patches and documentation will be made available to you at no additional charge. Subscribers are notified about new Software Versions in regular information bulletins. By installing the latest versions and patches, you enhance the stability of your system and ensure that your software environment always uses the newest technology.
  • Product Enhancement Input – As a subscriber to the Software Maintenance Program, you have the ability to submit suggestions for product enhancements.
  • Support Services – Subscribers may contact the regional Support Center during standard working hours by phone, e-mail, and fax or via our Web-based Customer Support site.
  • Online Self Service – Our comprehensive Customer Support Website gives you access to an extensive knowledge base along with the ability to register and track your issues online. For example, it provides access to:
    • Documentation for all product versions
    • A knowledge of articles describing proven solutions to known issues o Technical tips and instructions for installing, administrating and troubleshooting
    • Newsletters
    • Important news regarding all products, plus the latest upgrades and patches
    • Ability to open your own support calls, update the status of these calls, and check all planned and completed activities. This gives you an overview of all current activities related to your support requests and cases, at all times
  • Access to Premium Support Options – As a subscriber of the Software Maintenance Program, you can extend it with other support options offered by MGS such as the 24 x 7 Support Program and Premier Support Program, which can be tailored to your organization.




Specialists in Scanning, Processing
and Preserving What’s Important to You

Since 1996, MGS Company has served the scanning, digitization and micrographic needs of archivists, historians, librarians, county clerks, records managers and many others by preserving important documents, newspapers, maps, books, microfilm, slides and more. A thorough understanding of project goals, current technology and ultimate end-use are among the first considerations in creating a process that meets client needs and produces high-quality results.


With a foundation three decades deep, MGS Imaging delivers excellence in preservation microfilming, digital document imaging, document and image reformatting and microfilm and microfiche digitization. As a service bureau, manufacturer and distributor of hardware and software solutions, MGS imaging a competitive advantage few others can offer.



  • A portfolio of millions of scans and frames of microfilm created for hundreds of clients in the region
  • Individualized care
  • A trusted partner in the preservation and records management process
  • A well-equipped facility with state-of-the-art scanning and micro-graphic technology
  • An expert staff of project managers, imaging and quality control specialists and information technology professionals


  • Paper scanning (office documents and maps/drawings)
  • Bound book scanning
  • Archival preservation scanning (fragile, lose or bound materials)
  • Microfilm and microfiche scanning
  • Image Hosting and Viewing




MGS Imaging has been providing letter, legal and large-format paper scanning services since 1996, demonstrating the ability to handle even the largest Hard-files conversions and helping companies to increase ease of access to the information they own and archive. MGS’s client base includes the medical and healthcare communities, local, state and Federal government entities and private industry. Utilizing sophisticated high-speed scanners from manufacturers including Canon, Fujitsu, InoTec and Kodak, MGS Imaging has the capacity and technical expertise to help manage any document conversion.




  • the use of patch and barcode sheets
  • high-speed scanning to desired output
  • tailored post-processing applications
  • customized indexing applications
  • system implementation
  • Page Sizes :



The MGS programming staff has proven experience in managing data conversions. This expertise allows for final output integration into the wide array of document management solutions on the market today or into a custom solution engineered for a specific business application. Whether the needs are internal, external or for web distribution, MGS Imaging has the capabilities to provide the needed solution to integrate digitized images into a workflow.



Bound books.Oversize documents.Bound and loose newspapers.Maps.Engineering drawings. No matter the size or binding, MGS Imaging has long been an industry leader in large-format scanning services, scanning everything from incunabula (printed materials pre-dating 1501) to deed books to original manuscripts to Presidential papers. Using only equipment of the highest technology and practicing the most careful document handling procedures, MGS Imaging partners with clients to preserve historic, corporate and culturally significant collections.

  • With its Frederick service bureau as the largest known book scanning facility in the MEA countries , MGS Imaging is primarily outfitted with Zeutschel brand book scanners
  • Zeutschel-engineered scanners, allow for imaging of the smallest bound book to oversize books and newspapers with an open dimension of up to 33” x 47”. Responsive book cradles ensure that bindings are protected as the cradle gives way to the weight of the binding.
  • The distinctive ability to deliver oversize book scanning services also provides MGS Imaging the avenue to easily digitize bound and loose newspapers, engineering drawings, maps, deed books and other large-format material that might require overhead scanning to either protect or capture
  • MGS scan operators are trained in material handling and preservation techniques, ensuring that each valuable collection is returned in the same condition in which it was received
  • Low staff turnover assures that client material receives the best care – and the most experience – available
  • Project management staff communicates with each customer to ensure a thorough understanding of the existing condition of the collection in order to create a solution that will deliver a quality product in a timely fashion at a competitive price.




When The MGS Company opened its doors as MGS Micrographics in 1996, product mainstays included cameras, processors, silver and diazo duplicators, inspection equipment and accessories. Despite the trend toward electronic imaging and digital conversions in the 1990’s – a trend in which MGS has taken a leadership role – MGS Imaging is one of the few service bureaus that has retained its micrographics core. Today, the division continues to provide a full range of micrographic services including:

  • Preservation microfilming: 16mm/35mm/105mm
  • Planetary, rotary and bound-book filming at multiple reductions ratios and film lengths
  • Diazo and silver halide film duplication services
  • Archival polysulfide treatment (brown toning) or silver microfilms
  • Digital to film output of 16mm and 35mm archival films (grayscale/color)
  • Film and fiche generation from digital-born images (archive writing)


Every few years, electronic storage takes on a new face. Hardware changes and short or errant storage life-spans can make access to the information contained on those devices difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. Additionally, the cost of long-term storage as information moves from gigabytes to terabytes to petabytes and beyond will become cost-prohibitive for many. Archive writing – or generating microfilm from digitally-born information – ensures that the information will be available indefinitely in its purest form. Stored under proper conditions, microfilm can retain its images for up to 500 years and (simplifying) only requires light and magnification sources to access the images. Microfilm ensures that archives and records remain available for the near – and distant – future.