MGS provides a rich portfolio of end-to-end Enterprise Solutions that are tailored to enrich business processes and enable organizations from different vertical industries to capitalize on their intellectual properties and information to maximize revenue, and support them comply with industry-specific requirements and standards...

Correspondence Management solution (CMS)

- Correspondence Management & Tracking Solution by MG, built on top of Open Text ECM

- MGS has released successfully a Correspondence Management solution (CMS)

- A solution driven by market requirement. It enables organizations to capture, track, manage and control all types of correspondence across the enterprise securely and efficiently. The solution invests heavily in creating a simple and creative user interface.

- It leverages OpenText Content Server native capabilities and embeds Correspondence Management features designed to easily track electronic and physical correspondence.

- Out of the box integration with leader solution providers including Microsoft SharePoint & Office, SAP and Oracle EBS.

Banking Process Automation (BPA)

- Banking Process Automation module By MGS

- Bundle of automated Banking Processes over OpenText ECM

- Automating more than 100 processes for more than 15 banks allowed MGS build a configurable and dynamic banking Process Automation System.

- BPA system provides customers ability to automate their banking processes with minimal time and effort.

- Fully configurable business rules that allow the system to comply with different customer requirements.

- The BPA system is built using OpenText ECM Solution (#1 ECM-Workflow Solution worldwide)

- OpenText ECM and Workflow allows customers to configure exiting processes as well as building new processes. In addition to manage content inside and outside BPA system.

- Built-in reports and Dashboard that provides comprehensive analytics and output.


Open Text is the World's largest independent provider of ECM solutions.

OpenText provides Enterprise Information Management software that helps companies of all sizes and industries to manage, secure and leverage their unstructured business information, either in their data center or in the cloud. Over 50,000 companies already use OpenText solutions to unleash the power of their information.

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